DNA the next big step in data storage?

Hard drives all have a certain lifespan, eventually they will die out. However researchers at ETH Zurich, Switzerland are looking towards DNA to be the next major form of data storage. Thought it is far from being a reality, it is said that DNA can store all of the data at big companies like Google or Facebook with space to spare. A gram of DNA can hold 455 exabytes. 1 exabytes is the equivalent to a billion gigabytes. That is a massive amount of data, certainly more than any one person can generate or accumulate in a lifetime, all in on gram of DNA.

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Helium in Hard Drives?

Helium seems to be a good alternative to regular air when it comes to hard drives. Traditional hard drives today are filled with air, however helium is less dense that air and allows more space for platters inside the hard drive. And the more platters means more space to store data. Another benefit of using helium is that it generates less friction when the platters spin inside the hard drive, this causes the hard drives to use less energy than those filled with air.