External Storage

External storage is the easiest alternative source to store data when the internal storage on a divice is filled. It provides users an expansion or extra place to store anything they want.

Flash Drives

Flash drives are one of the most popular external storage devices. They are cheap and easy to use. They use the USB interface to connect to the computer and provides flash storage. They are known as plug and play devices, meaning there is nothing to install in order to use them. They come in size from 256KB all the way up to 256GB.

External Hard-Drives

External hard drives are the most durable and dependable form of external storage. They work they same way as flash drives being plug and play usb devices. But they provide more storage space ranging from 250GB to a massive 3TB.

SD Cards

SD cards have been very vital in the media world. They are placed internally of devices but are catigorized as external because they are so easy interchangable. They are widely used in cameras and recording devices. These devices usually come with very little internal storage and sd cards provide functionality and flexability, as they are easy to remove to get the data from them.