Cloud Storage

The cloud is a great new technology that alows users to save their data elsewhere. It is great for companies who don't wont to bare the costs of storing and manageing their data internally. But it is also good for the everyday consumers like you and me. Using cloud storage we can access our data anywhere we have access to internet. No more will we get angry when we forget our flash drive home, or forgetting to email something to ourselves that we needed to use on that day. Below we will see the major companies leading the way in cloud storage.

iCloud by Apple

Apple's iClouds is widely popular and ever growing in popularaity with people who own Apple products. It is apple's in house way of providing their users with cloud storage. When Apple users create their apple accounts they get a certain amount of storage space free with the option to pay for more.

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Google Drive

Google is one of the major giants in the tech worlds today. Their Google Drive service comes as a part of Google's many features that their customers get for free. When users create a Google account they get a certain amount of storage free. Also if they choose to users can purchase more space. One of the cool features about Google Drive is that it allows users to edit documents without saving them locally.

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Drobox is one of the most popular cloud storage services currently out there. It is very easy to use, and functions very well. It allows users to create a free account in which they get a small bit of storage space. Users can either buy more storage, or get expansions when they refer a friend.

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