Android app development week two

I finally got all the resources I needed to begin developing apps downloaded and installed on my computers, so now it is time for me to get my hands dirty and start learning.

In the second workshop we got about creating our own first applications. As most programmers know the very first program in any new language is usually a “Hello World” program, as most instructors uses it to demonstrate the basic features. We learned about different app layout styles and how to use and manipulate them. Our instructor gave us some sample code which we implemented and viewed the results. After creating our first app, I began to analyze the code to see what each line does to see how it works and all comes together. I understood a couple of things and began editing the code and trying new things.

As well as attending the workshops I also watch some tutorial videos online to learn new stuff vid2

Through the videos I learned some extra things like how to edit the text from the basic “Hello world”, changing the text color, the text background color as well as the app’s background color.



Stay tuned for more posts as I expand my skills :)


Android app development week one

Week 1 was interesting as well as filled with head aches.

This past saturday we began a workshop geared towards the future of the internet and mobile app development under the instruction and supervision of Dr. Shweta Jain with the help of CUNY graduate student Cuiyuan Wang. 

We Began by looking at the internets history throughout the years, and highlighted key problems and road blocks as it continues to evolve. We got introduced to various research topics that are on going.

In the second half of the workshop we got introduced to the basics of java and android programming. We had problems installing the Java environment and android studio on the computers therefore we did not get the chance to do much.

But I shall be working on my first app in the android studio, so stay tuned for updates in a following post!


Time to update

Well its been just about a year since I have uploaded any content on here. I think that its time I start blogging again and improve this site, since I pay to host it after all. I have updated the theme to give the site a whole new look and I will be posting new content soon as well :)

Final class summary

Well this is how it ends huh? Nope this is not how it ends, CT101 was just the introduction to a lot more multi-media production that merely opened the door. I had a lot of fun with working on the projects we did in class from start to finish. Some things challenged me and some changed the way I view certain aspects of multi-media. Now I look at art from a different perspective and instead of just thinking its just something that looks or sounds cool, I try to figure out what is the true story that it tells. And when creating my art I now try to make it tell a story itself.

I learned a lot of new techniques throughout the semester and how to use and do new things in different software that I would wish to expand on. I really enjoyed using green screen and my favorite project had to be the audio assignment where I prank called my friend. Working with all these forms of media are fun and interesting to me.

Even though I am only a CT minor, I can’t wait to take my next CT class and see what it has in store for me :)

Too precious!

My personal picture are very important and valuable to me, so I tend to cherish them greatly. I have all my pictures backed up on my external hard drive and every two months or so I would back up all my recent pictures from my phone and/or camera to ensure nothing is lost. But what if my hard drive was to crash now what would I do? I always thought of it but my professor opened my eyes even more to the fact that all my memories would be gone seeing that in this current day and age we don’t tend to keep tangible records like photo albums and scrapbooks anymore like people would do in the pass. This raises great concern to me and many others, what do we do to safe keep our media??

My plan to do so is by hopefully continue using this site to archive my work. I also want to have all of my stuff saved on an external hard drive and backed up on more than just one. Burning cd’s and dvd’s with all of my data is also not a bad idea I think but those do tend to get old after a certain time and would require a lot of disks to save my work. I guess Im just gonna have to evolve with process of storing my work as I go along but I think its definitely something that everyone else and I should do!

The sad cycle of the world

For my final project I chose to work with green screen again like we did in class when we created the puppet troll using green screen a couple weeks back. But instead of trolling one video I thought what if I used still images and troll them in a certain sequence to tell a story. And thats exactly what I did. The short film is a about a guy and a girl who started of wanting to kill each other, then ended up getting married and having a good time however they begun to fight again just like they were in the beginning. With the help of one of the college assistants in the CT lab, I began shooting individual clips for each picture or scene.  Before I could get a chance to finish the shooting using the green screen in the CT lab, the lab was set up for finals covering the green screen which would not allow me to finish filming the videos I needed for my final project. But Professor Smith, being the great professor that he is allowed me to use the green screen in his personal office to finish my project.

So here it is………

I used adobe premiere to do some of the video editing but mostly used imovie to the the sequencing and green screen editing.

Although a few parts could have been done better, I am happy with the final product and even added a few extras at the end of the clip.

Epic just epic!

Sports mashup video assignment 3 stars* 

Sports are not everyones favorite hobby or thing to watch, but everyone loves to see greatness!

Here are a few of my favorite moments in sports from LA Lakers, New York Giants and my favorite of them all Manchester United.

Started from the bottom now we here!

Product evolution video assignment 2 stars*

For this assignment I chose to do the evolution of mobile phones as they are so popular today and play a vital role in our everyday lives, some of us can rarely go a day without using them.

Some people might be shocked to see how they looked before compare to how modern they are today.

Cool stuff huh? Yup mobile phones have changed a lot since its birth.

Did he just do that? Wait a minute….looserrrrr!

Puppet Trolls video assignment 3 stars*

For this assignment we had to create a puppet and record it doing some movements infront of a green screen and then layer it over an existing video. I had a tough time thinking of what to use and how to go about doing it.

In the end I used a picture of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory and Rob Dyrdek from Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory which are two of my favorite shows

And this was the end result…..

The weirdos come to town!

One archetype, five movies, five seconds and 3 ds106 stars :)

I chose the archetype of the creeps/weirdos for this assignment and instead of using movies I used clips from some of my favorite funny tv shows which are very popular.

I used a clips from: “Cougar Town” “The Big Bang Theory” “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Office”

Have a laugh or two…….

It  was fun using getting the clips and thinking of which ones to use and them editing them using imovie, this was my first time ever working with videos